About Me.

I’m a 3rd year BSSM student based in Northern California. I love Jesus, I’m a creative, and I have interesting thoughts to share.


How much more beautiful does the world appear when we look for Jesus in it? When it comes to life, I believe in staying wide eyed and wondrous.

For The Moms

Recently I was in an airport and I watched a mother, seemingly by herself, guide her 5 kids to the gate. The two younger boys were sumo wrestling, the [...]

Processing Pain

I think sometime’s as christians we don’t do pain well. We love joy and peace, but the instant pain surfaces we want to ignore it. Then in worship, [...]

The Stillness

I wasn’t even really thinking of you, I hadn’t since this morning if we’re being real. I opened my laptop to mindlessly search but I found myself unconsciously [...]


I think a lot of people have a misconception on being childlike. It doesn’t mean you have to fall to the floor throwing a tantrum as if you [...]